i53 Important Information

We will not be providing any equipment for players this event.


Please bring with you the following

  • A hard copy of your game. (Halo:MCC or CoD:AW)
  • An Xbox One controller (Scuf, SharQ, and JMod controllers are allowed)
  • A USB Cable for your controller. If you do not bring this you will not be able to use your controller at the event. (Micro Male USB to Male USB)
  • Any Audio equipment, including headsets, mixamps, optical cables, and any other items you need to be able to hear the game or your teammates. (USB powered only)
  • Please do not give out your own game or headset. Games will be required to start on time. Delays will result in map losses.

Please make sure you can login to http://account.live.com incase there are any issues with your Xbox Live account. Ensure that your recovery methods (mobile and email) are up to date.


Event signups will take place between 4PM and 6PM on Friday the 21st of November. We will also be taking signups on Saturday between 9AM and 9:30AM

For any Call of Duty teams who have not signed up to the tournament, please register your team here. If you have previously registered then there is no need for you to do anything.

Spectator tickets are now sold out for the event, the only way you can gain entry is to purchase a Console Ticket.

Game Rules

Please be aware these are draft settings and are subject to change.

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare Settings

Halo 2 Anniversary Settings



The TopMid team.

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