What we do

Event Consultancy

Planning an event isn't easy. That are numerous aspects that need to be carefully considered to make an event successful. Our people have over 20 years combined experience in eSports events from management to administration. So whether you require schedules, information on specialist equipment or help sourcing the right sponsors for your event, we can make that happen.

No matter what you need, we have the people and the information to ensure you have all the tools required to make your event successful.

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LANsystem is our custom coded eSports solution to save time and money when it comes to your event.

Our system caters for station management, admin and ref control, public user interface and multiple notification channels in order to provide a real-time tool that is vital for all medium-large eSports LAN events. It gives the ability to manage events from a central location, allowing you to understand what's going on where at any given time.

In the past this system has been used at events such as EGL, Insomnia Gaming Festival & more recently at Gfinity's Halo 2: Anniversary LAN Championship.

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Event Management

Combined, our team have years of experience in event management. From pre event planning all the way through to live streaming we have the skills and the people to deliver what people expect out of an eSports event.

We can assist in numerous ways when it comes to LAN events. From administration, player management, staff for the event or any of our specialised software we're the company for you.

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